For over 25 years MedImage has been providing the medical community molecular image review software.  Are you happy with your nuclear medicine and PET reading software?  It has been said that almost 50 percent of readers of these modalities are not totally happy with their reading software and that most of those who say they are happy, are just getting by.

If you're in the group that's not happy or is just getting by, take a few minutes to explore what we offer.  Request our demo or ask to schedule a webinar.  We would be delighted to discuss your review needs.    Write us at:

A testimonial from one of our many delighted customers:

“Since my initial introduction to MedView  over 20 years ago at U-Michigan no package matches the hallmarks of small footprint, flexibility and ease of configuration. It is unparalleled in quickly reviewing serial images in multidisciplinary meetings or when giving presentations.

When I walk into a practice it  always a pleasure to see the  MedImage logo on the screen. 

Many different providers perform scans for my therapy patients..  MedView makes assessing  these much easier.”

 A/Prof David Macfarlane, Nuclear Medicine Physician, Australia

Events for 2018:

  • SNMMI Midwinter Orlando, FL January 26 - 27

  • CCSNMMI Annual Spring Meeting, Ann Arbor, MI, March 24-25

  • SW Chapter SNMMI, Frisco, TX, April 13 - 15

  • Mid-Eastern Chapter SNMMI, Hanover, MD April 13 - 15

  • WFNMB and ANZSNM, Melbourne, Australia Apr 20 - 24

  • SIIM, National Harbor, MD May 31 - June 2

  • SNMMI Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA June 23 - 26

  • World Molecular Imaging Congress, Seattle, WA Sept 12 - 15

  • EANM, Dusseldorf, Germany Oct 13 - 17

Upcoming Events for 2019:

  • SNMMI Midwinter Palm Springs, CA January 17 - 19

  • SNMMI Annual Meeting, Anaheim, CA June 22 - 25

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